Server Management

Managing servers is what we do best! :)


Whether you have 1, 100 or 1000 servers, managing your servers requires skills and expertise.

We have been providing server management services since 2004, managing both our own servers as well as customers servers, developing techniques and best practices to bring control and order to managing servers.

Automation & Configuration Management

Effective and controlled server management is only possible with strong technical skills in the areas of DevOps and Automation. We actively use Puppet and Ansible as our configuration management tools and have been involved in projects managing over 3000+ servers.


Some companies go down the route of trying to build in house teams and skills but this can be an expensive and difficult affair. If you're looking for a partner who can support and help manage your servers whilst you focus on your core business, please contact us so we can give you a bespoke quote for our services.

Example Use Cases

- a travel agency with a popular retail website requiring server management for their 10+ hosting servers & database servers, ensuring servers are meeting PCI DSS security requirements
- a web design company with hundreds of clients needing assistance with managing their 20+ LAMP stack servers - Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP configuration
- a marketing company with 100+ linux servers needing identity and access control for developers, application owners & 1st line support staff, plus controlled rpm packages lifecycle management for their Dev, Test, Stage and Production environments

Get a Quote

Please contact us so we can understand your business requirements so we can give you a bespoke and highly competitive quote.